Android Grid Container

With the Android GridView and GridLayout view layouts, it is sometimes hard to customize the grid to fit a specific need. One such example may be to configure a grid where each row has a different number of views and the potential to specify different margins and heights for the rows.

I’ve created a GridContainer project on GitHub that provides the capability of laying out views in a custom grid-like configuration. Currently the grid has the following properties:

  • The rows will always use fill width.
  • One can specify the number of views to fit per row. The views will share the width equally.
  • One can specify an optional margin to use between the views.
  • One can specify an optional height for a row. If none is specified, the row will wrap content.

It’s also fairly easy to specify different grid configurations for different device orientations:






The GridContainer currently only supports the adding of views dynamically from code and not yet from the xml. The project includes a TestActivity class which demonstrates how the GridContainer layout can be used.

Please note that the GridContainer project is very basic and currently only fits a specific need. Feel free to take the code and modify as you need for your purposes.

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