Is there finally apostasy amongst the fanboys?

I’ve had an interest in mobile for a long time and I’ve also had the privilege of being involved in the mobile dev scene for quite some time. This is a scene that is currently dominated by two platforms: Apple iOS and Google Android.

I must admit, until recently, when it had come to picking sides I had been very wishy washy; I had always taken a liking to Android, it was geeky and something about the community and the Google machine had me believing it would turn out to be big. Having said that, iOS had always seemed so slick and generally superior from an app and ecosystem point of view. My position was weak, I’d smack-talk the fanboys but deep down I couldn’t deny the superiority of the Apple products.

Things change. A good friend of mine pointed me to an article written by a self-proclaimed fanboy in which he describes his experience of switching to Android:

This is an interesting read and I’ve since followed Ralf on Google+ and subscribed to his site feed. What I found most interesting about the article is the frustration Ralf presents when discussing sharing and task-switching on iOS after having used Jelly Bean on Android… sentiments I agree with completely since having my Galaxy Nexus and subsequently using an iPhone (generally for testing purposes). Check out the article, it’s worth a read for anyone interested in the mobile space.

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