Android WebView flicker when using hardware acceleration on Android 3.0+

There is an Android bug where WebViews may present an ugly flicker when being used on 3.0+ devices with Hardware Acceleration enabled. I was busy with an update to an Android app I’m working on which makes use of a WebView that slides in and out (using this awesome Sliding Menu library), when I noticed the *delightful* surprise when sliding the WebView back in:

Not ideal, is it?

Not ideal, is it?

As much as I can’t believe this kind of bug still exists, especially considering it seems to have been around for some time, it lives with us and thus we need to use some kind of workaround.  I immediately turned to SO for help and found a possible workaround:

WebView “flashing” with white background if hardware acceleration is enabled (Android 3.0+)

The workaround involves using a method that is only available from API level 11 (HoneyComb), and considering my app is targeting a minimum level of 8 I used the following code:

 * Initializes the WebView:
 * - Configures the WebView settings
 * - Adds a WebViewClient
 * - Custom config of the webview
private void initWebView()
	// Other init code
		// This is added as a work-around for the flicker which occurs in Android 3.0+
		// when hardware acceleration is enabled:
		getWebView().setLayerType(View.LAYER_TYPE_SOFTWARE, null);

So pick your poison: reduced performance or flickering?

1 thought on “Android WebView flicker when using hardware acceleration on Android 3.0+

  1. Similan

    Oh yes I feel your pain. Came across the exact scenario myself recently.

    In my case turning HW acceleration off is not acceptable due to heavy content in DOM. Right now I have decided to live with it by setting the webview and layout background color to match my content. What a horrible bug.

    I suspect we can intercept the sliding event of the menu and cache the webview visual snapshot into a bitmap first, then hide the webview and let slidemenu animate that bitmap instead. But that would surely require some time and effort. Maybe I will look into it when I have some time to spare.


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