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Webbits: a silly Android app for testing embedded web content.

Recently I found myself working with some server-side web content that would ultimately need to be pulled into an embedded browser within an Android app. Depending on the device, the embedded browser within the app could be of variable size, so the content being pulled would have to display properly.

I wanted a means to test the content within an embedded browser of different sizes, so I looked around (not for very long) for a test app that could help me out; after a little bit of looking and not finding what I wanted, I decided to just write my own silly app, called Webbits.

The app supports both phone and tablet and essentially allows a user to specify the dimensions of the embedded browser (WebView) and the URL to load. It’s very basic but did exactly what I needed. Below are some screenshots of Webbits:


Phone portrait


Tablet landscape


Developed by 2bits, of course.

Hopefully, someday, somebody else may find this useful.