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Just some interesting bits and pieces I have come across recently:

Flat UI Colors: a neat website that displays a colour palette, allowing you to click on a colour to copy its value to the clipboard. #design

ColorHex #android App: a simple colour picking app that that also allows one to store favourite colours. #design

Butter Knife: an interesting view injection framework for #android, created by Jake Wharton who also developed the ActionbarSherlock framework.

Latest Android Dashboard Stats: personally, I was surprised to see that as much as 9.9% of devices still fall under the small, ldpi configuration. #android

#programming #object-orientation

I recently did a bit of a refresh on some principles and guidelines for object orientated programming:


I spent a bit of time recently developing a simple REST web-service using Google go and Google App Engine. Here are some useful links and examples:

  • Gorca: a utility package for RESTful go applications on App Engine.
  • Home: a simple App Engine application using go and Angular JS.
  • RESTful web-services in go: useful information on developing RESTful web-services using Google go.

Anyone interested in developing web-service APIs that need to be consumed by mobile apps and the web, should definitely have a look at Google Cloud Endpoints… I also played around with this cool feature for Java and below are some useful links: